Allison and Olive

I think that knitting has been a part of me forever. Even before I ever cast on my first stitch.

I remember being mesmerized whenever I saw someone knitting. And every part of me wanted to do that thing! But I didn’t know anyone who knit. And I had no local yarn shop where I could take a class.

It wasn’t until the end of graduate school when I finally met someone who did that thing.  She taught me how to cast on, handed me Stitch ’n Bitch by Debbie Stoller, and I was off! Even though it was a new skill for me, it felt so familiar. I knew immediately that knitting would become a large part of my life.

My knitting patterns are written with every knitter in mind, from the beginner to the advanced. I strive to anticipate and answer any questions you may have when making my patterns. As a knitter, I enjoy patterns that create a clear path from beginning to end. I do my very best to write patterns that leave out the guesswork. No one has time for that!

Knitting is a journey! I want to make your journey fun, adventurous, and full of breathtaking views…

A little about me… 
I spent the first 30+ years of my life in and around Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Library & Information Science and worked as an academic medical librarian until 2008, when I began switching my focus to knit design. After spending a decade living in south Mississippi, we are now enjoying life in Richmond, Virginia (where I am grateful for multiple local yarn shops!). I love discovering new wines and local craft beer and have an unhealthy obsession with Indian food.