I experienced quite a few setbacks with the left front section of Trellis and they all happened TODAY. Argh. Maybe I was getting too anxious to be done with that side and just wasn’t thinking. Either way, what I could have finished on my lunch hour today ended up taking me until about 9:30 tonight. But, the most important thing is it’s finished and I will cast on for the right front section tomorrow.

I’ve discovered the relaxation of knitting and listening to a book on tape (or CD if you will). Why haven’t I tried this before? I never got to finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yes I am hopelessly behind in that series) so I checked out the SEVENTEEN disc book from my library and am listening to it while I knit. I’ve never really listened to books on tape because I’ve always thought of them as something for the car and I don’t spend very much time in my car (even my commute to work is only a little over 5 minutes). But I find it hard when I’m working on a complicated knitting pattern to watch TV and knit without knitting hopelessly slow or not looking at it and screwing it up. Enter the book on tape! Brilliant! (said with a British accent in honor of Charles and Camilla’s visit)

And during this time of discovery for me I did find time to block my sister-in-law’s birthday present. I think I’ll give it to her on Sunday. Click on my extended entry to see pics.

So I’ve blocked it to within an inch of it’s life. I’m very happy with how it looks. I’ve had damp towels over it for a few days and those were dry tonight so I removed them. The piece itself is still damp so I’m going to give it another day to fully dry. Please excuse the blocking apparatus. Like I said before, it was bigger than my blocking board so I had to pull out our “guest bed” and block it on that (any guest that sleeps on that thing is probably guaranteed not to return… it’s hard as a rock).

Time for bed! Goodnight!


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