I got the new mag Knitscene from Interweave Knits in the mail yesterday. I really like it! And I’ve found two projects that have caught my eye. The one I really like is this:

It’s a really cute twinset. My only worry is the way it looks on the model. It may just be the way she’s sitting or the angle or something but it kinda makes her look like a linebacker. Her shoulders aren’t very defined. But the more I look at the picture the more I think it’s just the angle. Or I hope it’s just the angle. I guess we’ll see whenever I get around to knitting it!

On the opposite page is this silk tweed cardigan:

Cute! Now tell me, what’s up with those paper doll looking things on the couch? They’re a little scantily clad, eh? Weird.

Anyway, the mag is great and there are a lot more things in it that I want to knit (a tweedy vest, a cool striped scarf…). The only thing that disappointed me was the layout. All of the patterns are laid out like Vogue Knitting with all of the pics in the front of the mag and all the patterns in the back. I never liked that about Vogue Knitting and always loved the way Interweave Knits would have the pic of the pattern and the pattern all together. That way I could follow the instructions and look at the finished product without having to flip back and forth! Oh well. Just a small annoyance.

In other news, this past weekend marked Geoff and I’s six month wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married six months already! We got each other little gifts to mark the occassion. He gave me an iTunes gift card and some truffles. I got him some chocolate as well (a big Galaxy bar) and some international beers from World Market. Of course I also had to get some Pumpkin Ale, too! So now our fridge looks like this:

Mmmmmm… beeeeer…

And I do have an update on my secret knitting! If you aren’t my sister-in-law click on my extended entry for pics!

I’ve been knitting away on Ene’s Scarf and it feels like I don’t have THAT much to show for it! Damn these long rows! But they are getting shorter! I must keep reminding myself of that!
Here are a few pics of my progress so far… click ’em to make ’em big…

I’ve mapped out a schedule for it and if I stick to it I’ll definitely have it finished in time for my sister-in-law’s birthday. Speaking of which, better get back to it…


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  1. frecklegirl
    October 13, 2005 at 10:33 am (19 years ago)

    I gotta get that new magazine… I heard about it the other day and looked at their website but haven’t found it yet!
    Happy 6 mos and I love the secret project- my fav color! 🙂


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