I won some yarny goodness from the one and only High Energy Jenny! She had a fun contest: guess where she and her husband went to college based on two yarn colors and some fun clues. One of the clues was that it “has the highest number of freshman National Merit Scholars per capita of any public university.” That’s the clue I used to find the answer (University of Oklahoma)! I’m a librarian! I thrive on nerdy clues like that!

So I’ve got two balls of Dale Svale coming to me! Wahoo! Thanks, Jenny! This was a great little surprise at the end of a crap day…

I was out sick yesterday and get to work this morning and I can’t get onto my computer. Well, it turns out my computer (along with two others in the library) got a freakin’ worm on it. So I felt like an orphan all day because the IT geek guy spent the ENTIRE day in my office. I mean ALL DAY! And this guy looks EXACTLY like Dilbert. The resemblance is rather spooky (right down to the thick glasses). I wish I could have taken a picture but that would have seemed a bit… odd. Anyway, he’s one of those guys who kinda lacks social skills so I was literally avoiding my office the entire day. So yeah, I didn’t accomplish very much at work.


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