After much thought I have decided to change the name of my blog. Why you ask? Well I’ve always wished I picked a more “original” name and then I discovered another Alison who has a blog named alisonknits. And sure, she spells her name differently but it’s still the same name and well, in all fairness, she had it first.

So what’s the new blog name? Well, you’ll have to wait. Once I make the change to the top banner and my blog button, I’ll make it official! The URL will continue to be and I anticipate the new name debuting tomorrow. So if you are one of those very kind people that link to my blog, please make note of the name change and update your links accordingly. Thanks!

In other news, there is no other news. There has been little no knitting in the last couple of days. Why? Well, you see that book over there in my sidebar? The Good Earth? Have you noticed how long it’s been there? About a month. I’ve been reading it for book club and book club is Wednesday night! Well, my reading time really suffers when there is knitting calling my name. So I’ve put down the needles and picked up the book. It really is a great book and I wanted to have it finished for Wednesday’s get-together. Of course, our book club is called “It’s Not About the Book” and sure it’s more about eating good food and drinking good wine but occasionally we do discuss the book! I only have four chapters left so no problemo. Geez, I remember the days when I would read four or more books in a month. Not just ONE!

And I am waiting impatiently for my circs to arrive for sock knitting! Maybe they’ll come tomorrow! I guess it’s good that they didn’t come today or else I would have a lot more than four chapters left to read of The Good Earth…

Oh, and my digital camera arrived safely in NY last week but I haven’t heard of her fate yet. I hope to have her home soon!


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  1. Katerina
    November 29, 2005 at 9:11 am (19 years ago)

    The Good Earth was the first book I read by myself in English (as a school project, oh! so many years ago…). You have inspired me to pick up the old copy and read it again! Thanks!


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