Geoff and I ordered a wine cabinet a couple of weeks ago and picked it up today. I love it! I just want to make cocktails and sip wine all day (how is that different from any other day?). It holds 20 wine bottles and I stocked it with the 10 bottles we had taking up a lot of room on our counters. It will definitely help us with our “space issues” in the kitchen.

Also, another pic of some knitting. I’ve decided to make a hat from that Berocco Hip Hop. I’m just knitting it flat because I don’t have size 13 circs (I really need to get myself a set of Denise circulars!). Anyway, I’ll see what I have leftover and see if I can squeeze out a scarf or just make some mittens. Just a little progress so far. It’s k2p2 ribbing.

Running Update

The run this morning went well! I beat my old time of 11 minutes 33 seconds and ran for 13 minutes! It was only 1.16 miles but I’m working on endurance and not speed right now. Once I can run for 30 minutes I’ll work on my speed.

The stats:

longest time: 13 minutes
longest distance: 1.16 miles

Sorry to bore you with running details but by putting it out here it helps me hold myself accountable and also helps me see my progress.

Geoff and I are watching the Auburn football game right now. They’re looking good this week! Go Tigers! War Eagle! The Gamecocks are in Athens this weekend taking on the Georgia Bulldogs. Yikes. I hope we don’t embarrass ourselves on national TV. We seem to enjoy doing that. We’ll see!

I’ve got Taco Soup in the crock pot and it’s making the house smell fantastic… Mmmmmmmmm…


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  1. Carrie
    September 12, 2005 at 3:07 pm (19 years ago)

    mmm. Taco Soup. And that Berroco Hip Hop looks great!
    I won’t say anything about the Bulldogs. Because I don’t really keep up with football. 🙂

  2. Allison
    September 13, 2005 at 3:38 pm (19 years ago)

    I love finding other Allisons who:
    1. Knit
    2. Spell their names with two Ls
    3. and who run
    Just keep running and you’ll build up your endurance. When I first started I couldn’t run a lap around the track without collapsing in a heap. 5 years later I have 5 half marathons and numerous other 5 & 10K races under my belt. Just keep run/walking and you will start running for longer and longer and longer.
    Beware of the “My So-Called Scarf” stitch pattern. It’s addictive.


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