Remember this post when I went on (and on and on) about wanting to learn crochet? I took the advice of Linda (and if you’re wanting advice on crochet, she’s definitely the one to listen to. I mean she’s written a whole book about it!) and signed up for a crochet class at my local yarn shop. The class was this past Saturday and already I am “hooked” (ha ha! get it?!). Oh, and I got a non-knitting friend to go to the class with me and now she’s “hooked” as well! I’ve brought another yarnaholic into the world! [insert evil laugh here] My next goal is to get her knitting, too!

Taking a class was definitely the best thing for me. I had tried teaching myself from books but nothing ever stuck. I would always have to flip back and forth trying to remember all of the stitches and would end up frustrated. It is so much better when you have a person there to talk you through the stitches. Because of that, I could focus on the steps of each stitch and actually remember them (which is kinda the point).

My show and tell consists of a little flower I made in class on Saturday (after doing my practice swatch with all the stitches). Then there’s my first attempt at a granny square I did last night and a dishcloth in progress (and yes I know I was griping about not wanting to crochet dishcloths the rest of my life but this one is fancy. It has two different stitches in it! Fancy!)

So now I’m starting to feel more confident about reading crochet patterns (and understanding them!). Those of us in class decided we wanted an advanced class so the instructor is coming back in a couple weeks for that. Very nice!

I’m excited to see where this new craft takes me!


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  1. marylove
    September 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm (14 years ago)

    looks like you’re a natural to me! great job!


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