Oh what a week… I thought that Friday would never come!

This should be a fun (and HOT) weekend. When will fall arrive?! I’ve found that I am not very easy to please season-wise. What I mean is that during the summer I long for the winter and during the winter I long for the summer. I think the only times I’m TRULY happy with the seasons is during spring and fall (and here in SC those last a total of about 3 weeks). So during these “dog days” of summer I crank up the AC, grab a cold beer (or diet rite) and knit!

I’m working on my minisweater (sans the poofy sleeves and edging). I need to find a cool button for it.

I’m knitting it with this yummy GGH Samoa. It’s a dream to knit with!

Happy Friday! Geoff and I are off to nosh with some friends. There’s a glass of wine with my name on it…


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