The summer ends and we wonder who we are… ~Dar Williams

So, yesterday was Labor Day and I guess that marks the end of summer (although the weather here in south Mississippi did not get the memo).

I would say that out of all of the seasons, summer may be my least favorite. I love the longer days but I hate the heat! (Like seriously, I have NO LOVE for the heat of a southern summer.) I feel like I go into hibernation during the summer (I’d never make it as a bear). I slow way down (probably because movement will just make it feel hotter). My creative juices dry up. And my motivation takes its own summer vacation. But once I start to notice tiny glimpses of Fall, I start to stretch and slowly wake from my slumber.

So what have I been up to this summer? Well, let’s see… I’m still running! You may remember I hired a running coach in January and he’s been a fixture in my life ever since (whether I like it or not!). No really, it’s been a great experience and I’m actually feeling like a “real” runner. I still haven’t actually run a race yet (I’m waiting for the cooler weather to arrive) but I’m definitely logging some miles. This week I’ve got 18 miles of running on the schedule! In the high heat and humidity! Good times! Again, if any of you are on dailymile please add me as a friend so we can cheer each other on! I swear it’s the words of encouragement from my dailymile friends that keep me going some days!

Have I been knitting? Crocheting? Yes. A little. If it weren’t for Knit Nite every week at my local cafe/record store, I definitely would have gotten a LOT less done. (Again, I blame the summer heat!) Have I actually finished anything? Yes. I did finish my Aidez sweater just in time for the hot weather so I don’t have a finished pic of it yet. And I’m this close to finishing my Ruffle Rose Pillow. I just need to do a few more rows and find a pillow form. And of course, with Fall coming, I’ve got a bad case of startitis. I want to make ALL THE THINGS. I can’t look through a knit/crochet magazine without at least five projects jumping into my queue. I also have a couple of new design ideas floating around in my big head that need to be put down on paper.

We’re also starting to make strides in finishing the addition to the back of our house (that’s been going on now for THREE YEARS, people). One of the pieces to that puzzle has been put into place. The landscaping! Our poor backyard had been forgotten during this whole construction process and it turned into a bit of a jungle. But now it is a beautiful oasis!

You can click here to see an entire album of before, during, and after photos. We are so happy to have a great outdoor space in which to relax and entertain! And the pieces are falling into place for the completion of the addition itself so that will be a welcome project for the Fall. (This blog may turn into a home renovation blog for a little while.) Will I finally be able to unpack all of our moving boxes? Stay tuned!

Well, wherever you are (in the northern hemisphere) I hope that your summer was wonderful and that you’re getting ready for Fall. I know I am!


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  1. Marny CA
    September 5, 2012 at 1:31 am (12 years ago)

    Global warming IS upon all of us. I’m in the San Diego CA area and the heat has been hotter and for longer than since we moved here in 1996.

    So, the only thing we don’t get enough of is rain – less than 14″ is what we get for the entire year.

    Sounds like you’re a bear of a different breed. LOL Hunkering down and unhibernating at different times than those other bears.

    Hot? I stay indoors. My neighbor’s condo is being remodeled so it’s her fault that I got my kitchen cleared and cleaned – and it’s now fun to be in there.

    I have a bunch of knitting to finish – a few blankets are going to babies in Israel – but they’ll probably get them for their own children! Yikes.

    I like your site and stories and thank you for all you share.

    • allison
      September 8, 2012 at 9:29 pm (12 years ago)

      Thanks, Marny! Good luck with those blankets! I definitely know what it’s like to have a lot on my knitting plate! 🙂


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