Man this week seemed sooooooo long. I’m not sure why but it seemed to last about 14 days. I’m so glad my weekend is here!

I sent my dear camera off to Nikon today via UPS (I don’t trust those postal workers with my goods). I like that I can watch her (yes, my camera is a female) as she makes her way up to NY. She was wrapped lovingly in bubblewrap by a nice UPS worker and packaged ever so gently. I’m sure she will have a wonderful journey and will be back home with us very soon.

In the meantime, I’m having to snap shots of my knitting at work with the office cam. Here’s a pic of the teal side of the Brioche Scarf hanging out on my cork board in my office (next to the pic of where I’d rather be)…

And here’s a pic of the oak side hanging out on my desk, trying (successfully) to keep me from working…

Notice the pretty i-cord edges? I’m finally doing something right! I tell ya, I’m addicted to this scarf. I haven’t touched Trellis in a week! Yikes! I need to get back to it. If I could just. put. down. brioche. scarf. We’ll see.

This weekend will be filled with big rivalry football games! Auburn vs. Alabama and Carolina vs. Clemson! Go Carolina! Go Auburn!

And THANKS to everyone for stickin’ your pin in my map! It’s so cool to see where everyone is! If you haven’t marked your spot yet, go now and do so! Thanks!

Yikes! Better run. Geoff and I are actually leaving the house on a Friday night to have dinner at some friends’ house. Amazing…


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  1. Becky
    November 20, 2005 at 12:22 pm (18 years ago)

    Way to go on that fabulous looking i-cord! And I like your knitting on a cork board photo. You should make that a regular on the blog. It’s fun!


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