Yes this is the one and only Vesper Sock Yarn from Knit Pixie! The colorway in front is called Meteor and the colorway in back is Maura. These are going to make some very cool socks.

I’m exhausted. Went for a “run” this evening. I say “run” because it’s more of a run/walk. I’m trying to become a “runner.” My husband’s a runner. My dad’s a runner. I have friends who are runners. I need to start exercising more so I’m going to give running a try. Last Thursday I couldn’t run longer than 5 1/2 minutes (~1/2 mile) and today I was able to run 7 minutes 10 seconds (~3/4 mile). So I guess that’s progress! The temps are beginning to drop a bit, as is the humidity, so that’s helping a bunch. Maybe I’ll be able to run a 5k soon (or at least before I die).

I have my 10-year high school reunion this weekend. I think the only reason people go to these things is to see who got fat, who’s losing their hair, etc etc. And yeah, that’s kinda why I’m going, too. I’m only human. Will let you know how it goes.

This weekend also marks the one year anniversary of when my husband and I got engaged. He popped the question in front of about 60 of our closest friends at a backyard party we were hosting. And it was all caught on tape so we’ll be able to remember it forever and show it to the offspring. Sounds like we’ll be celebrating with a pish posh dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Happy Engagement Anniversary, Honey! I love you!

And I hope to finish my minisweater this weekend! I haven’t gotten much knitting done the past couple of nights but I hope that will change this weekend. Of course, the slow progress can also be blamed on my “knitting perfectionism.” I had made good progress with the increases at the bottom but didn’t like the way one side of the increases looked. So I ripped it out and started the increase section again. I know that no one would have ever noticed the difference if I just kept on but *I* would have noticed and I would see it EVERY time I wore the sweater. Oy vey.

So it should be a good weekend! I’m glad it’s all starting tomorrow! Wheeeeeeee!


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