Hourglass Sweater Sleeve

Well, I am now on Sleeve Island. And I’m perfectly happy to be here because being on Sleeve Island means that I finished the friggin’ body of Hourglass! I thought it couldn’t be done! I thought that I would be celebrating my 70th birthday by knitting just a few more rows! I was almost convinced that little knitting gnomes were breaking into my house at night and unraveling any knitting I had accomplished that day (and then some)! But alas, the day came when I pulled out my measuring tape and I was there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Pure knitting bliss. It’s true that the sweater seems to go much faster once you reach the sleeves. I think it’s because you can knit and knit and knit and actually see progress! Amazing! I don’t want to deter anyone from making Hourglass. It really isn’t that bad. In fact, it’s perfect for television knitting. But I would definitely recommend other projects on the needles to break up the monotony. It’s funny, my friend Sara pointed out to me that this did not seem to be a “last minute knitted gift” as the book would lead you to believe. They did label it correctly by placing it in the “more-than-eight-hour gifts” chapter. It’s definitely more than 8 hours of knitting. It’s a “more-than-eight-weeks” project for me. But I think it will look great and it is definitely worth the miles and miles of stockinette.

I got a lot of knitting done on Saturday at our Stitch ‘n Bitch. It was Worldwide Knit in Public Day and my group celebrated by doing what we do every couple of weeks and met up at a local coffee shop (House Coffee) and knit to our heart’s content. We had a great turnout with some new faces! Of course, being the brilliant group leader and blogger that I am, I left my digital camera at home! Argh! But one of the employees there asked us if she could take some pictures of us and I asked her to email them to me so if she does, I’ll have pics to commemorate the event! I thanked her on behalf of the group for being so welcoming and accommodating to us and she said “No problem! We love you guys!” Wow! How nice! When I go I try to keep myself to a two drink minimum to say “thanks” in a monetary way. Thanks, House Coffee!

And thanks to all of you for the well-wishes and anti-phlegm vibes! I think they worked! I’m back 100% and it feels great! My knitting mojo is back in full force.


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